Introducing BeautybyTee, fashion mogul

Every so often a piece of news comes along that’s so important, it rivals the 41st anniversary of Leonardo DiCaprio’s birth.

Enter: today, and reports that Tina Osifo Uweru (our patron saint of power, confidence, and hustling) run…managed and controlled her own Fashion, styling, hair, and makeup agency out fit.  “I don’t call it a company but a small business which is run…managed and controlled by me….the products l deal on are  hand made african beads…hand made african ankara necklaces  which are beautiful and rich in style…designing…hairstylist..and l sell in retails everything and anything that goes with women” she told in an Exclusive Interview.

The German Based Fashion Center is called BeautybyTee, and does style artists for commercials, editorials, campaigns, and red carpet appearances.

This, of course, is amazing. First, because Tina styles herself better than we could ever dream to, and second, because she understands the industry in


a profound sense of the word. She’s been styled. She’d been photographed. She’s starred in campaigns and been featured in editorials. She knows what photographers want, and she knows what they don’t, and she’s probably met a fair share of professional beauty and style artists whose work will benefit more than a few campaigns.

 “Hair, makeup, and styling play an important role in creativity,” she told The Rerporter. “I am very involved with that part of my process, so this Fashion Center  was an organic thing for me to do.”

How do l incorporate a good feel into my wardrobe? The reporter Asked….. Wao….anyway..l love love fashion …and fashion trends are fun but they are still not my thing…l dont go for them…l love to look stylish so therefore l build a long lasting and polished wardrobe that will stand the test of time ..which will guarantee me to look stylishy for decades……. I dont fall for very passing trends..not at all but l love to make out my own in modestly with ease and style” she responded.

And this Center is a roster that isn’t messing around. According Tina, her staff includes makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, and hair stylist.


For Tina, her  go to go rainy day hairstyle is ” This is very very simple,,l just simply grab my hair and pull it to the top of my head into a cute little  ponytail…..lobatan…then am good to go”

For many,  hair…makeup and style isnt so important however not for Tina “They are very important because they work together,…they work hand to hand you know…they are just simply unavoidable part of our life…when a woman improves her appearances…AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN…people pay attention to her…listen to her…seek her company..ask her opinion..she becomes more CONFIDENT and this makes her even more beautiful* so they are very very important” she exclaimed.

On Her reflection on about the fashion industry?
1915052_1061630990546404_1213579928246006109_n“The only thing l can say is that the fashion industry reinvents and copies itself all the time…which to me makes it interesting
And the rate at which the fashion industry is expanding in terms of in general is so so amazing..

It’s also embracing the warm arms of social media, with Tina revealing that She’ll “take a makeup artist with 500,000 followers over someone else.” Hence her constant promotion of her creativity on social media Thus proving even more that she understand the evolution of the makeup, beauty, and fashion industries, as well as how a strong social media presence tends to exist for a reason.

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