Phnom Penh Residents Prepares for New year

People in the world always say New Year celebrate their happy festival. They usually schedule and prepare it differently, depend on their belief and tradition. For Cambodians the Khmer new year is not different and have often been celebrated with pomp and pageantry.
With just few days left before the New Year, Cambodians are now rushing to do the last minute shopping, the city is gradually being deserted and shops are already closing for business. took a cruise around Phnom penh and saw many already shopping for fruits and flowers to be taken to the PAGODA ( temple).

Some people have believed that for a period of one year the people always face the problems like diseases or serious obstacles to make them unhappy. But as the New Year presents them with opportunity to celebrate and the people always prepare them-self, clean the house, and take food to offer the monks.

Many are planning to take the trip to SIEM REAP Angkor Wat while for some, it would be to Sihanoukville Beach many others are on their way to their respective homelands.
They wear new clothes and play popular games like cards and dancing on the street.

The festival usually is in 3 days period. The first day is “MOHA SANGKRAN” the second day is “VORNBORTH” and the third day is “THNGAI LIENG SAK”.
During these three days they start to change the old year when the angle comes to get the duties from the former angle were schedule clearly.

Talke caught up with some Cambodians who are already in the mood for the New year and these is what they got to say about the significance of the New year to them and how they plan to celebrate.

Also asked about why Phnom penh I suddenly empty and everyone heading out, they responded

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