SING MENG TELEMEDIA Willing to Invest In Africa

Singapore-based multimedia service provider Sing Meng Telemedia, formerly known as SuperNet, re-launched its brand and will inject more capital into infrastructure in a move to provide high-speed broadband internet as well as mobile accessible digital terrestrial television (DTT) and over-the-top television (OTT TV) in Cambodia and are willing to Spread to Africa with the right partnership.

“Our business isfn-2016-03-31-14-29-29-1 multidimensional, so there is internet and there is TV, and we are in a unique position where we blend the two,”  says Ms. Niu Yuhong, executive director of SingMeng Telemedia Group,

She added that Sing Meng uses second generation digital video broadcasting technology, known as DVBT 2, and is the first to use this technology in Cambodia and should they find the right interest from Africa, they would be willing to spread towards there.

Sing Meng operates itAnalog1s own fibre optic network, which extends over 5,000 kilometres across Cambodia, Foo said. He declined to disclose the amount the company has spent on infrastructure, but said it plans to invest an additional $20 million depending on market uptake.

‘Personally I like Africa, and I have been to many African Countries, Angola. Ghana, Nigeria Congo, and I think there is a lot of Similarities among those countries, but Unfortunately we havent done any operations in those countries but if you have a good contact, we are ready to collaborate” She stated in a Live interview on the Talkmewo African Hour on Radio oneFM  103.7

Company Sing Meng
fn-2016-03-31-14-29-29-2 Telemedia processed new products in its country, including new products for network speed and services, multi-media, including: SNET as offering service netizens, STV television entertainment, S + is a Mobile app entertaining and Splay a website, digital entertainment.



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