Chinese Private companies to invest an additional $ 100 million on the telecommunications sector in Cambodia

Sing Meng Telemedia of China is set to Increase Investment in Cambodia in the fields of telecommunications and media services taking up $ 100 million to expand its services and innovative products.

In the official anAnalog1nouncement on the access road of producing new and modifying the new name of Sing Meng Telemedia on Wednesday March 30, 2016. At the  Sofitel Hotel, Phnom Penh Ms. Niu Yuhong, executive director of SingMeng Telemedia Group said in a press conference that the company wish to become a service provider network and multi-media, high-speed, high quality in the country, by investing additional amount of approximately $ 100 million. ‘
Company Sing Meng Telemedia processed new products in its country, including new products for network speed and services, multi-media, including: SNET as offering service netizens, STV television entertainment, S + is a Mobile app entertaining and Splay a website, digital entertainment.

Speaking on a Live Interview program during the Talkmewo African Hour, Ms Niu Yuhong said “Our business is multidimensional, so there is internet and there is TV, and we are in a unique position where we blenfn-2016-03-31-14-29-29-2d the two,”

“There are four major products provide to the market, Snet, Broadband Services, MTTH  connecting to each household. STV which is digital TV brand with which We are going to bring the best of digital entertainment to Cambodia” She added.


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